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10.11 feta switch - 18gr

114.800 ISK

10.11 feta switch stöng sem er fullkominn fyrir ísl aðstæður

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Hér er hin fullkomna stöng fyrir íslenskar aðstæður, ofaní gljúfrum þar sem er erfitt að kasta og þar sem þú villt kasta langt.

If I should ever be in the situation where I could only bring one rod for salmon or sea trout fishing, then this 10’11” 18 grams/278grains would be the “one”. It is a great length for covering any salmon or sea trout river in summer conditions. It has a perfect line weight to present the flies needed under those conditions. I have designed and developed many switch rods over the years – in fact, (and some may not know this) it was actually I who invented the switch rod concept and created the switch techniques for salmon and sea trout fishing – but with this new switch rod and the Short-cut heads, it has been perfected!.

Line and reel recommendation:

  • WF Shooter - 18 grams/278 grains
  • All Logic heads - 18 grams/278 grains
  • Short-cut heads - 18 grams/278 grains
  • Logic RL. 0.028
  • Gravity reel size no. 2

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